Meso-Tox, Micro-Botox, V-Tox Lift

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Toxin Training covering Micro-dose injections such as Meso-Tox, Micro-Tox and V-Lift for facial slimming, Toxin uses a lower dose of botulinum toxin and gives clients some of the anti-ageing benefits of botulinum toxin treatments . Small doses of botulinum toxin allow natural facial expressions and movement.

Most insurance companies require you to have foundation toxin training or  Nurse/Medic. Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology or at least 8 months experience in injectables. Please always check with your current insurance provider.

By purchasing the course you agree to all our terms, conditions and Policies. All courses are non-refundable. Nicolles Beauty College do not hold any responsibility if you cannot obtain insurance.


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