Will I Get Insurance- Yes but some insurance companies don’t cover online courses but not to worry you can have more than one Insurance Company
Below is a list of recommended insurance companies.
Radius Beauty Therapist Insurance
Policy Bee
BGI Insurance,


How Do The Course’s Work– You will be given a link to your e-learning account once ypurchased your course once you completed the assessment at the end & emailed me your two case studies you will receive your accredited certificate.

Can Beginner’s DO These Course’s – yes most of these courses are for beginners
but for the courses are not they state in the description what qualification you will need.

Do The Course’s Come With A Certificate?-yes the online course come with a certificate you be emailed a PDF file which will contain your accredited certificate 1-1 / group training, On your last day you will be handed your accredited Certificate.

How old do you have to be to purchase and complete the course?– Age 16 years and above.

If I purchase a course will this effect my benefits?– studying for a course wont effect your benefits but i would advise you tell them you are studying or once your completed and started to preform the treatments you should advise them.

Do You Offer 1-1 Training?- Yes Classroom Course’s will be available once Lockdown Has Finished and the Government says its safe to go back to work. Please fill out the classroom contact form for more information.

Do You Offer Kits?- Yes Kits will be available mid feb. When doing classroom or 1-1 training your kit will be included.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Course?- Online course -You have a year to complete
1-1/group sessions is done within 4 days
you do the theory side at home
practical in the college