Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Injections

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With non-surgical cosmetic procedures using Botulinum Toxin in the cosmetic industry creating a more youthful look, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, restoring the loss of volume and enhancing ones look, the cosmetic industry is forever growing.


Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Botulinum course.

The training cover the most popular advanced areas Nefertiti Neck lifting, Facial slimming, Chin dimpling, Eye widening, Foxy eyes, Jawline sharpening, Teeth grinding, Hyperhidrosis, Lip flip, Nose slimming and lifting. This easy to follow, online step-by-step guided will teach you how to safely administer wrinkle relaxing injections to ensure your work stands out from the rest!


  • This course is IPHM Accredited.
  • You will need to hold a Foundation Anti-Wrinkle injection certificate to enrol onto this online course, if you do not please contact the academy to discuss your options.
  • It is down to each student to check you are able to obtain insurance before purchasing.


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