8 Point Face Lift

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The 8-point face lift can produce a transformative and rejuvenating non-surgical face lift result, without the cost, downtime or risks involved with surgery.


The 8 point face lift AKA liquid face lift is a non surgical face lift, giving your clients a more natural youthful skin lasting around 18 months The reason it is called the 8-point face lift as these are the specific sites we use the dermal fillers to restore the lost collagen and volume of the face. These can be altered according to each individual however mainly involve per 3 deep injections to lift the mid face, 3 along the jawline and 2 around the temples and chin area.

Pre request are needed to take this course. you will need to be qualified in dermal fillers.

check with your insurance company before purchasing as the course is non refundable


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